Sunday, February 12, 2012

We're MOVING-IN to our New House!

Well, it's now been about seven months since we "broke ground" on our building project near Zion National Park in Rockville Utah--July 2, 2011--see the following post for earlier views of major stages in the building from August to October 2011.  But we're now finally MOVING-IN--HURRAH!!  

A week ago we passed inspections and started organizing for the BIG MOVE!  Today we took up most of our big goods and will be in the house  within a couple days--target February 15 (some small things left will go by car).  Here are some photos of the house today's major moving...with help from two church members.  Of course, it will take us months to go through things which have been in storage for months and years!  Fun fun!!  But it finally seems real!

The moving van arrives with most of our goods!
Clouds building around Mt Kinesava before snow came!
View from the "Great Room"!!
The master bedroom and its view!!
The kitchen...before moving in goods...
The sun room--south side of house--very nice in winter!

The looking southwest from the sun room...
The garage...before we did all our "sorting" (will take some time--unfortunately)!
Below - various views of our new winter.  Soon fields will turn green!


  1. Replies
    1. Brenda - you and our other friends in Salt Lake know where to come on your next outing to Zion. I'll have several exciting trails to explore, and would love to do it with you guys!

  2. Wow, Bob. That's amazing. I'm so happy for you. AND of course I hope to be able to see the house and its amazing surroundings one day. All the best for you and your family in your new home!

    1. Yes, it is quite amazing. I find myself many times a day "looking out the window"--not great for getting a lot done, but sure is good for the spirit! Though I tell myself that the inspiration and lift it gives me will make me more productive!

    2. All the best for you and your family in your new home!

      Dump Inserts DE, NJ, PA

  3. Congrats to that! It's a big step forward, no? The process of moving towards a new home is such a big experience. It's not just physically moving in, but the big move to a new house that will serve as your home for many years. It's a brand new chapter in life, and you’re all very lucky to have a place that looks so pretty. Cheers!

    -Rebecca Stratton

  4. Congratulations! Moving in to a new house is always so exciting because it will be a new experience for everybody. But there is also a bit of anxiety involved since you’ll probably wonder if you can easily adjust to your new environment. Rest assured, everything will be okay in no time! Good luck!

  5. Thanks all for the encouragement. Yes we are adjusting very nicely!

  6. Felicia Akinyemi

    Hi Bob. Nice to see those great pictures. I share in the euphoria of the surrounding views.

    All the very best to you and family.

  7. The place looks amazing! You really got a sweet deal with it. Have you encountered any trouble while buying the property? I hope not. I think the only problem you could have encountered is competition with other buyers. Anyway, how’s the experience in the new house after nearly a year?

  8. Your place is a paradise. Good to know that the move went so smoothly with the help of the two church members. Hope you have a lovely stay there all these time.

  9. Your new home offers spectacular views and surroundings! Congratulations on the successful move!

  10. Amazed to know you have such a panoramic view. You are lucky to have settle there. Have a pleasant stay.

  11. Wow this place looks beautiful. Ready to move homes known as RTM in canada and saskatchewan are getting famous. I am planning to plan my house and getting it shifted done by BBHomes .
    I am excited!!

  12. Wow, that was so phenomenal, that's a beautiful location, where will have a daily view of the beautiful Utah dessert landscape, by the way, is your location near markets and convenience stores?

  13. It's so lovely to be there, viewing the beauty of nature, how did you manage to move there?