Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking Ground on our New Home Near Rockville

As mentioned in my last post we've finally started building!  In the week after the 4th of July we also did some farm work as well i.e. cutting our first crop of grass and baling and staking all 315 bales!  Needless to say I slept well the last few days.  It was hard work and since it is now full summer  and HOT we get up early to work while it is cooler!  But the views of changing shadows and colors on Mt. Kinesawa is always breath-taking and makes even stacking hay bales a pleasure!  I've found that working on the ranch is very satisfying and makes me really feel like a rancher and farmer...something I always wanted to do!   

And, this week we actually laid out the house site, scrapped-off the grass from the construction area and started excavation to lay the foundations; earlier in the week we completed the gate as well....  It has taken us more than 15 years to get to this point and it is VERY SATIFYING!  See some photos of our first construction days below.

Do come back frequently to see our progress--and come visit and help with some good physical work--if you want--it's good for the body and soul!

My best, from Rockville, Utah on July 14, 2011

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