Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finally--we're Building our House near Zion!

Most of May 2011 we spent with our kids Bryan and Anya (and granddaughter Celeste) "Back in New Haven Connecticut (Yale)" baby-sitting and enjoying spring all over again!  I also entered a photo exhibition held by the Greater New Haven Arts Council and their Photo Arts Collective.  My entry was a favorite B&W photo from near Mesa Verde and Cortez Colorado that really evokes for me the grandeur of the "Four Corners" landscape".  It was taken last summer during my "Grand USA Roadtrip" (see previous posts on my BLOG).

Now we're back in southern Utah where we've finalized a loan, acquired a building permit, and prepared our property in Rockville Utah for construction.  The site is on Grafton Road along the Virgin River overlooking sites from famous films sets such as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" as well as "The Electric Horseman".

We first acquired the property in 1996 and it has taken until now to get ready to build (see maps and earlier photos of our property HERE).  Over the years we've been enthralled by the location (see photo below sent to us by a neighbor while we were still in Africa).  You can learn more about the Grafton Heritage Partnership which is protecting and restoring this beautiful site--now a ghost town--but very dear to the local pioneers (more HERE).

Over the next few months we will post photos showing progress of construction.  The house will include many energy-efficient and other "sustainability" features...and of course take advantage of the great view out the back of our house to awesome features such as the Temple of Kinesava and The Watchman in Zion National Park.

Below are a few photos taken around July 1, 2011 just after we got approval to "break ground".  We have been working on fences, gates and other infrastructure for several months (including repairing the irrigation system) and preparing to make a nice "camp spot" down by the Virgin River where we will have an RV parking spot or tenting for our friends and relatives who want to come visit and enjoy the rushing water, quiet cool breezes and great views--and easy access to wonderful parks in the "Four Corners" region of USA.

Come back frequently and see our progress and do visit sometime!  Our summer will be very busy on the construction--adding some "sweat equity"...and getting away when we can to where it is cooler in nearby high country such as Cedar Breaks National Monument or Bryan Head!Happy summer and have a Great 4th of July--wherever you are! 

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