Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Drought is over and Snow has come to our Place

In much of the US (particularly in the Western/Rocky Mountain Region) this winter has been very dry and warm so far.  That was good for our building project which started last July but not good for accumulating snow pack in the mountains which will be next summer's irrigation water.  See previous posts #1 #2 #3 #4 detailing more about the various phases in our construction project from beginning to end.

But, almost as if to welcome us--after the construction was done (just a week ago) and as we moved in over the last few days--the first real rain came then snow giving us some truly glorious views of changing weather out our window!  Do come sometime to see for yourself: very soon grass will start to turn green and fruit trees will blossom out!  Here are some photos taken over the last three days as we unpacked in our new digs!  We're finally beginning to think--this is really happening and we love it!

Clearing of clouds over Mt Kinesava after new rain--we really needed it! 
Then even better--the next day we got snow--which adds to snow pack in the mountains!
That is needed water for irrigation of our fields this coming Spring and Summer.

 When we got to our house this morning to continue unpacking--this is what greeted us!
 The view out our Great Room window!

 Snow now but soon the Cottonwoods along the river will turn Green--I can hardly wait!
View of our house from the southwest corner of our property along Grafton Road toward Zion Peaks...
View west from our house over pastures and cottonwoods along the Virgin River & neighbor's barn...
View from our bedroom (zoomed) toward "The Watchman" and "Bridge Mountain" in Zion NP.
View toward our bridge over the Virign River...
In the distance are the snow-covered Pine Valley Mountains--largest lacolith in the world...I'm told.
 We never tire of seeing changing colors, shadows and clouds over Mt Kinesava in Zion NP


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