Monday, August 22, 2011

The Walls are Rising on our New Home!

Well, since our last post (August 2) the walls are going up (just today) so our new home is getting very real!  Here are a few more photos for those following our work.  We've now added photos that go through September 15 to show further progress--two months to-the-day since we started work....  Enjoy!

Filling in the space for the garage looking back south toward Grafton Road and the entry gate

Preparing to raise the first walls

Preparing to raise the first walls

First walls going up

First walls going up!

Picture-perfect view which we'll see from our kitchen/Great room

Looking south from Grafton Road to the house site with Mt Kinesawa in the background
and the many cottonwood trees along the Virgin River which goes through our property

Virgin River Valley south rim near Smithsonian Butte (view from north)

The Virgin River/Smithsonian Butte Bench south of our house
View from in our "hay fields" north of the house looking back south
Mt Kinesawa in Zion NP and walls going up on our new home

Walls going up (view from south to north)

Workers putting up trusses

View toward north from what will be the main living area
View from the Northwest in our fields to the southwest

The front entrance and the sunroom (south exposure)

View from the southwest to garage

Mt Kinesawa (in Zion NP) in background & house from Grafton Road
The view from what will be the back porch!

The house framing and roof nearly done

Grafton Road toward Bridge Mtn and The Watchman over our property (Zion)

View north from Grafton road and our gate

Roof almost done & Mt Kinesawa (Zion NP)

Roof almost done

Looking at the north side of the house from our hay fields back toward the Smithsonian Butte plateau

 Our builder's sign looking north across our fields toward the Virgin River & Mt Kinesawa

The house is now all framed--roofing goes on starting September 19

Our house--all framed--from Grafton road along south fence looking toward Zion NP

View down the east fence line to our peach trees

The view we'll have from our back porch to Mt Kinesawa in Zion

Clouds after a storm near sunset over Bridge Mtn and TheWatchman (Zion NP)


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  1. Dear Bob,
    Congratulations for this big achievement! Looks very large for two occupants (You and Karen)