Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow on Red Rocks--Beautiful!

The last few days brought a little rain and snow--the first in about two months--we really needed it!  And it brought back a beautiful sight--Snow on the Red Rocks of Zion! 

And there is NO SNOW to CLEAR around the house or the driveway--the way I like it!  See below some of the photos around our Rockville property and our construction site--see also the updated photos on our house construction project. We finish and start moving in this coming weekend!  Hurrah!!

The Temple of Kinesava seen from our back porch...

I never get tired of seeing changing weather around the mountain
and vegetation change along the Virgin River in all seasons...
Our place with front door now stained but still some landscaping to do...little-by-little!
The Trees Ranch at entrance to Zion National Park about two miles from our House...
Snow on the Watchman and Bridge Mountain seen from entrance to Springdale/Zion Canyon 
Springdale town sign--entrance to Zion National park 
Kolob Terrace after snow at entrance to Sunset Canyon Ranch


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