Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter in Rockville

Thoughts after the Holidays and Upcoming Events
Christmas has passed as well as the shortest day of the year--the solstice!  And, now we're definitely in the coldest part of winter--though for most people the winters we have here in Rockville Utah are quite tame.  We get a few storms that dust the mountains and maybe our fields for a few days--but generally NO DIGGING OUT of drifts!  And on most days the sun shines bright and nice hikes are still possible.  You can see more winter scenes around Rockville and Zion National Park on my FACEBOOK ALBUM.

We're now past the Holidays and all the family Christmas and New Year's events (see some more photos from my "Celeste" Album--HERE--she's my granddaughter, and of course Christmas revolves around the kids--we adults come along for the ride.  That was fun, but it is nice to look forward to a great new 2013 and all it may bring in the rest of the year--including looking forward to a great Spring!

My family at Christmas get-together in Southern California...


Many of us in Washington County Utah (including cities and towns such as St George, Santa Clara, Ivins, Virgin, Leeds and others) who live near Zion National Park and its entry-gate community--Springdale--find this period to be the quietest time of the year!  Some business do close, but in a few weeks tourism will start up again...some locals leave, but for many of us this is a glorious season!

Many of us who are artists (part time or full time) are looking forward to a county-wide event January 19-21 (the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend) called the ARTS TO ZION STUDIO TOUR (see Facebook site HERE). .  The photo below is one I took from one of the participating galleries--Worthington Gallery--in Springdale.  You can see links to other galleries HERE.  Many of the individual artists will open their home studios for a "parade of homes" tour as well that weekend.  Go HERE for a partial list of some of the individual artists participating:
The Watman Peak as seen from Worthington Gallery in Springdale Utah

My sister (Patricia Rose Ford) who is a pastel plein aire painter, and myself a semi-professional geotourism photographer (of GeoBob's Photography and Consulting) will also be participating. Patricia's work can be seen on Facebook HERE and you can see more of what I do at my FACEBOOK BIZ PAGE HERE.  

My last BLOG post of 2012--The Glory of Fall Color comes to Zion and the Markagunt Plateau--has links to several ALBUMS of photos from around Zion and the surrounding towns showing some of the typical sights, events, culture, and communities around here (Summer and Fall)--enjoy!


See the  Arts to Zion Exhibit Album on Facebook.  Here are are sample photos below:

The Wave in Coyote Buttes Utah
Wildlife and people in the parks and Savannas of Uganda and DRC-Congo
Side channels and mangrove swamps in Cuero y Salado Reserve Honduras...  
Storm clouds over the Zion Peaks as seen from my house in Rockville and brief sunset!
Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park
(left) Some riders/cowboys during the 150th anniversary Celebration in Rockville Utah in October 2012 (Right) One of the classic views in Zion National Park of The Watchman peak from bridge over route 9 down the Virgin River in late fall 2012.


Remember to download a MAP and buy a TICKET online before you come (if you can) or you can buy one and get brochures and see the SILENT AUCTION in the City of St George Community Arts Center when you come.  Get all instructions at the website:  And do plan to come visit beautiful Washington County January 19-21 and enjoy some winter sun and art--away from the cold of farther north!  

Happy New Year!

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