Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring has Sprung in Rockville Utah

We have now been in our place for OVER A YEAR--see post on "moving-in" on January 15, 2012--though our actual physical move-in date was February 22, 2012.  It took about a month to move things in until we "slept here overnight".  We have now seen a full cycle of seasons from our back-porch and love it!  

View from our back porch Spring 2013 

What have we been up to?  Well, January 19-23 was my participation (along with my sister Patricia Rose the pastel artist and some of her friends) in the ARTS TO ZION STUDIO TOUR; you can see some of my photos at EXHIBIT ALBUM.  Then February and into early March was a difficult time fighting THE FLU!  Karen had it particularly bad this year.But, while we stayed at home a lot, I've been busy setting up my ARTIST WEBSITE ON FINE ART AMERICA...  Please visit and spread the word.  There you can ORDER ALL KINDS OF PRINTS, even CARDS or other formats....and see reviews of photos and see my best--FEATURED PHOTOS. In mid to late March we were able to visit Celeste (our grandchild) and our son and daughter-in-law--Bryan and Anya back at Yale in New Haven.  Unfortunately, there WINTER WAS IN FULL SWING--Spring is late there this year!  I also visited friends and attended a conference in Washington DC--where it was also COLD and the SPRING BLOSSOMS WERE's been that kind of year!

Back here in Utah the weather has been dry and beautiful!  During the last couple weeks everything is turning green and flowers budding out!  Unfortunately, not much rain yet--it all went East and to the mid-west--we're still in DROUGHT...ugh!!

April 1, 2013 was our first day of irrigation, and there is water in the river, so we're blessed!  No April Fools joke yet--thanks to "runoff from the mountains!  Below are a few more photos from our Spring around Rockville and Virgin Utah in the Zion National Park corridor as taken over the last weekend--Easter--and over the next week!  Enjoy!  The photos show our view from each season over the last year since we've moved in--from Summer, Fall, Winter, and now SPRING!   Click on them to ENLARGE.






Have a great Spring and Summer!!

Bob (Geobob) Ford

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