Monday, November 12, 2012

The Glory of Fall Color comes to Zion and the Markagunt Plateau

Over the last few weeks we've experienced the wonder of fall coming in all its glory--first starting in mid-October at higher elevations around Cedar Breaks National Monument on the Markagunt Plateau--then working down-slope to the valleys and canyons around Zion National Park in mid-November and even around our home in Rockville.  I never tire of photographing of this spectacle of Nature at its best!

Below are a sample of some of the photos I took and farther below are links to ALBUMS on FACEBOOK that your are welcome to explore and share.  If you or your friends would like framed/matted prints to purchase or digital copies at higher resolutions please contact me through my business and academic website--GeoBob's Photography and Consulting (GPC).  Email:

Looking east across the Markagunt Plateau
toward Cedar Breaks and Bryan Head
Fall colors on the high Markagunt Plateau above
Kolob Reservoir and Cedar City
Cottonwoods ablaze at the Temple of Sinawava
(end of the road) in Zion Canyon in early November
Cottonwoods turning color along the lower valleys
of the Virgin River in Rockville Utah

  1. Zion Canyon in all its Fall Glory (Zion NP lower elevations)
  2. Fall Comes to Zouthern Utah (Markagunt Plateau--higher elevations)
  3. Rockville and Virgin Utah in the Fall (lower river valleys)
  4. Kolob Terrace--Forgotten Part of Zion NP (higher elevations)
  5. Zion Canyon in early Fall (main Zion Canyon)
  6. Zion Park's Eastern Plateau at Peak Color in the Fall (higher elevations)
  7. Last Hay-cutting of the Season (end of summer)
  8. Eagle Crags Hike--an Unknown Gem (southern mesas)
You may also find interesting two other albums on special fall events which occurred during the last month--see previous BLOG post

Please let people know of my work and invite them to my Photography website or Business Facebook page which not only focuses on my photography but my environmental and geoscience/mapping consulting work around the world.  I'm open for business (see about my recent international consulting in the DRC/Congo HERE--helping to rehabilitate two parks--I also took some beautiful pictures there you may enjoy!  Thanks.

Temple of Sinawava after an early snowfall at the head of Zion Canyon.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob (Geobob) Ford, Rockville Utah November 12, 2012.


  1. Absolutely amazing, Bob! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures - they really make me wish I was there :-). And a happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Much love to all from Allan and Lisbet.