Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July in Zion--Springdale Utah

It has been just about one year since we started our house-building project near beautiful Zion National Park in Rockville UT (see previous posts such as #1 #2 #3).  And finally (after a year of work) it is SO nice to be done with that building phase and begin to get to feel part of the community--we moved-in March 2012.

Zion National Park in the Fall

What better way to celebrate than to be part of a small-town VERY American tradition--the 4th of July parade!  Below are some photos from our little parade--where in most cases we got to see our neighbors clowning around as well as seeing our "city servants"--the firemen, peace officers and others.  I hope your 4th of July experience was equally rewarding as ours!

Happy Fourth!


  1. Hi Bob, What a great backdrop for an all-American holiday! Thanks for sharing, best for the summer!


    1. Yes, it is quite a view! How are things
      chez vous" these days?

  2. What a beautiful setting for your new home. Enjoy!
    Ron C. LLU

  3. Yes, we do love it! Come visit sometime!