Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaving our "Little Cutie" in New Haven - how sad!

Well, just a quick update. We left a few days ago from New Haven Connecticut and are once again "on the road" back to St George Utah where we will spend part of winter getting things organized for "whatever comes next" including finishing some work on our "ranch"...fences, clearing, planning etc.

It was really sad to leave our kids in New Haven and particularly our little grand daughter Celeste though we are keeping up daily contact with SKYPE--what would we do without it! We will see them again around Christmas--thankfully--then again in the Spring.

On our way back west we did stop off and spend half a day at the Amana colonies in east-central Iowa. It was a beautiful fall day and we got lots of great pictures (more of those later after we finish our travels this winter)... And during our last two weeks in the East we took a lot more pictures of the Fall colors--we will share those later as well.

So this ends--for now--my "grand road trip" that started back in June 2010 in Redlands California (see my first real blog post of June 4, 2010). We've crisscrossed the continent several times and taken thousands of pictures (see FLICKR collections and sets). Now to spend some time organizing the photos and thinking about "what we saw and experienced" and then for some more serious blogging about what it has all meant for me and our future...  It has been a major event in my life!

One very interesting hand-crafted pillow and statement really caught my eye in the Amana Colonies villages at their famous Woolen Mill--see photo above.  That's how I feel right now and it's a great feeling--there is something to be said for retirement!

My best, Bob (Geobob) Ford - Lincoln Nebraska

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