Friday, November 19, 2010

Back in Southern Utah for the Winter

We're back in southern Utah for the fall and winter--house-sitting in St George (thanks to friends and family) and we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding in Snow Canyon State Park--see photo at left of Elyse and Brent.  We've known Elyse since we first came back from Africa to Utah State University in 1987.  She's all grown-up now into a beautiful woman--makes me feel old but happy for her and her wonderful family!  Her parents are close friends (and family) and both are teachers at Dixie State College in St George--she in the Business School and he in the Geosciences.  What more beautiful place to study geology than the "four corners" region of the US--same reason why I'm here!!

Next, we're beginning a huge task--what so many other retirees have had to do--sort through and deal with the accumulated goods of a lifetime (what we've not already sold or given away).  And we've taken a trip back to southern California and will do so again around Thanksgiving to see our younger boy Colby who is finishing a degree in Earth Science at UC Riverside; we'll also pick up more "stored household goods" left when we sold our house last June in Redlands California (see first blog)....

This is all part of radical downsizing that we and many others are going through both due to retirement and the consequences of the Great Recession!  It has been difficult but also satisfying to focus more on what is really important and less on accumulating goods or "climbing the workplace ladder"!  And of course, I will continue to work on our property near Zion National Park building fences, preparing for building (hopefully soon), and enjoying some outdoor labor and Fall colors and beauty--see a few photos below!

And during this winter I will start seriously to organize my photos from a lifetime of professional geographical research, teaching and field work, as well as years of amateur photo work (including the 3000+ photos taken during this last summer's "great road trip").

All is part of a serious attempt to make photography a "second career" and business (see MyPhoto Homepage); I will be emphasizing "geotourism", geoscience and travel photography in support of major conservation and geoscientific projects I believe in... 

 What is and will be my philosophy and approach to photography?  See page linked above and see the explanations of both commercial and free ussage access methods via my FLICKR site.  Here are links to some of the photo collections and sets available--though you will need to SIGN-UP as a "friend" on FLICKR to have access.  This is to protect my photos from inappropriate or malicious use on the Internet--I hope you will understand.  

If you desire free-use of some of  my photos (for specific educational, research or non-profit work where finances are an impediment) please contact me directly by email  ( >  More Contact Info HERE. 

Over the winter we will also take trips to Baja California and maybe down into central Mexico (Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Oaxaca and other places).  Look for blog posts from those adventures as well.

There is also a chance we return to work on some major climate change and conservation related activities in Latin America, Africa and Asia--we'll keep you posted on that possibility.  Meanwhile we're organizing ourselves here--to be our "home base"--from which we can take on other projects.

Next Spring we'll go back for a while with our kids and granddaughter Celeste in New haven Connecticut.  Do keep in touch and if you pass through "Red Rock Country" stop by and say "Howdy"!!

Bob (Geobob) Ford, St George and Rockville, Utah


  1. I just love to read your blog posts; and this time around I can't help but admire the photos as I sit here at my computer looking into the garden that is all white with thawing snow - it seems winter has come early this year, and if it goes on the way it has started, it's going to be a long, cold, wet one ... I hope, I'm wrong about that! I'm looking forward to following your building project, and with a little luck we'll be there at some point to admire it! All the best to your family, and warm greetings to y'all for Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks so much Lisbet! Do plan to come and visit as soon as you can (even before we finish building). We're staying nearby in St George for the winter and probably can't start building until early Spring--also early winter here! And we've had to take it slow due to the economic crisis we all have gone through and plan more carefully. We'll be building small and "green"!