Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grandad and Celeste learn to use the Nikon Camera

Intermittently, since my return from DRC/Congo Africa about four months ago (see BLOG post--My Personal Retrospective on  my Summer...), Karen and I have had a glorious time getting to know our first grandchild--Celeste in between other summer and fall travels around the US, and while we think through "what comes next with our lives" in semi-retirement--or more work??--we'll see. Celeste lives with her Mom & Dad (Bryan and Anya) who are both busy new young professors at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. We're so proud of them!

Celeste's "digs" are in a spacious new condo/loft near the famous New Haven Green in what was previously an abandoned industrial building (you can read more about living in New Haven at my blog entitled - My Urban Reality Show Experience..."). With Celeste and her parents we've gotten to explore all kinds of new places, people, and events going on "under our noses" from the colorful "falling leaves" of Autumn on the Green, to attending public jazz concerts at Yale, or going to the Public Library or sampling the many restaurants, bookstores, and other urban services that make downtown New Haven such a true "cultural delight".

And over the last couple weeks we've explored some very cute New England villages and rural areas that are SO beautiful in the Fall. We'll share more on the blog soon about our recent "leaf peeping" adventures in Connecticut and Vermont! It is definitely a must do sometime for everyone--but getting to know Celeste was the greatest!!

See more of Celeste and her extended family at our FLICKR Family Album. We will be adding more to the blog soon as we get back to more mundane "winter work". In a few days we travel to Utah but we'll be back often to see our "little cutie" and at Christmas we'll get together in Baja California, Mexico--what fun!

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