Friday, February 28, 2014

Resuming my BLOG after a long Hiatus!

Over the last six months I've taken a "leave" from blogging--my apologies to my followers--but let me bring you up to date with my life and try to do better from now on.

I've been working hard at getting my photo business launched more seriously including becoming an active artist on FAA (Fine Art America) as well as on Pinterest and Twitter (please visit my pages and give feedback and spread the word).  From the photos above you see that I've been involved in some art shows including the Arts to Zion Studio Tour and the St George Utah monthly Art on Main Gallery Stroll (both occurred in January 2014 just after a trip to Mexico over the holidays (more on the Mexico trip in my next post).

So what's happening in my "art life"?  In late January 2014 put on a show of some of my local "southwest Utah" art (and some others) at the prestigious Split Rock Gallery in Ancestor Square in the historic downtown district of St George Utah.   I now have a permanent collection there for all to see.  Please visit it when you come to southern Utah and support the other galleries there as well as great restaurants and boutiques.  In the last few days, I've been added to the Xanadu Gallery online artists (based in Scottsdale Arizona) and, finally, I now post photography on iStock photos by Getty Images.  There you can see over 650+ photos I've uploaded into my portfolio for "royalty-free" use at affordable prices (more will be added soon).  Of course if you want premium quality prints that are matted and framed to gallery standards please contact Split Rock Gallery in Ancestor Square.

Below are a few of the photos that have brought the most attention from viewers online and in the gallery.  Tell me what you think about them as well and spread the word.

The Virunga Mountains and volcanic landscape near Mudende, Rwanda where we
worked for four years in the 1980s.  I put this photo online and got many wonderful comments
from former colleagues and children of colleagues with whom we worked there.  It brought back so
many warm (and sad) memories related to terrible road accidents and the Genocide of 1994!
The most spectacular sunset we'e seen at our place  (from our back porch)
in Rockville Utah--looking east toward Zion National Park as the sun (behind us)
was setting and shining below storm clouds and illuminating the red rocks like a a
heavenly light!  Note also the blue sky shining through dramatic dark clouds.

Cattle grazing peacefully on a local ranch in our hometown of Rockville Utah in the fall.
Note the yellow leaves of autumn of the cottonwood trees along the Virgin River in the
lower background and the silhouetteof Smithsonian Butte in the upper right.
Hiking (in winter) to "The Wave" at Coyote Buttes along the Arizona/Utah border
near the Vermilion Cliffs Conservation area between Kanab, Utah and Page Arizona.  

I plan to be more consistent now with the BLOG--trying to post something biweekly and more frequently when I travel--which I will be doing again in April when I travel to my 50th high school graduation celebration near Santa Rosa California.  Oh how time flies!

My best,

Bob (GeoBob) Ford

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