Monday, November 21, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Day in Zion

A couple days ago my sister--Patricia Rose Ford the pastel artist--and Verna Ames my cousin from Portland Oregon and I spent the day in Zion National Park.  Here are some of the photo hightlights!  Pat also got in some painting while Verna and I took Abbie (the Labradoodle) along the Virgin River on the Narrows/Riverside Walk.  You must do it yourself sometime!  

Waterfall at Temple of Sinevava

Along the Rkiverside Walk

Zion Lodge view
Rocks near Temple of Sinevava

Patricia Rose Ford painting along the Virgin River

Fall splendor in Zion

The Riverside Walk in Zion

The Beehives and West Temple from near the Zion Nature Center

Abbie enjoying the sights in the Auto's sunroof

Abbie enjoying the sights in the Auto's sunroof

Picnic in Zion near the Amphitheatre and nature Center

The Zion Visitor Center below the Watchman

Trees Ranch near the entrance to Zion Canyon with the Eagle Crags in the background

Rockville Townhall & Community Center

Eagle Crags on the skyline and Rock & River Ranch in the Foreground in Rockville Utah

The view from our back porch on Grafton Road toward Mt Kinesawa

Looking east from our back porch toward the Eagle Crags Plateau

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