Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early Fall Events in Southern Utah

Our house construction in Rockville is progressing rapidly--now insulation and all "rough-in" work is done and sheet-rocking begins tomorrow!  We've also taken some time off to enjoy some of the early fall events around St George such as the famous Marathon, World Senior Games, and this year--the 150th anniversary of the founding of St George as a "cotton mission" by the early Mormon pioneers.  The fall colors are turning in the hills and soon will be seen along the Virgin River as well.  Next week we receive friends from Salt Lake City to camp and hike and enjoy other events of the season, including some great art shows and jazz concerts!  Below are some photos from this months events...enjoy!

Celeste (our granddaughter) in summer dress while visiting her maternal grandparents in St Petersburg Russia - the statues are at the famous Peterhof (Summer Gardens) of Peter the Great

The 2011 St George Marathon

Our house is progressing with insulation, windows, etc...

The St George Wagon Train--150th anniversary (1862-2012)

Mules getting some well-deserved chow

An old Scotsman using his spinning wheel

Remembering the Handcarts of early Mormon pioneers

The wagon train gets to the end of the line

Cowgirls at the Wagon Train event

Spinning cotton

Making lead bullets (balls) the old fashion way

Some historic firearms from the mid-1800s

A beautiful horse!

Remembering the Dixie Cotton Mission in St George

Site of the 2011 World Senior Games

A small boy and his horse

Getting some deserved rest!


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